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Bandmembers: Nils Degenhardt (bass/vox), Ronja Kaminsky (vox/git), Gerrit Drude (drums). (Photo: Aloha Burn)


The Pinpricks - „This Stuff Is Poison“

Damn: What lustful banging The Pinpricks are delivering on their programmatically
titled debut album „This Stuff Is Poison“! Punk and garage rock, indie and a "Touch of
80s wave" mix, rough heavy moments and catchy hook fireworks to songs that, once
heard, you won't soon forget. Because The Pinpricks, who - as one might think in view
of the internationality of this record - come neither from London nor from New York,
but from Kiel in northern Germany, have bundled all their strengths and made a
record that virtuously balance the fine line between „contemporary“ and „timeless“.
The facts in short: The Pinpricks were a solid trio for a long time, but currently they
see themselves as a duo, which, however, can fall back on well-trained drummers for
the live concerts. The duo consists of singer/guitarist Ronja Kaminsky and her bass
playing partner Nils Degenhardt and was formed in 2018
. Since then, three EPs have
been released: „Hunger“ (2018), „Bait“ (2020) and „Rituals“ (2021), the songs of
which currently have more than 350,000 streams on Spotify and more than 300,000
plays on YouTube. They have played well over 100 shows so far, from small club
concerts to gigs at Wacken Open Air and the Open Flair Festival; they shared the stage
with the likes of Mando Diao and Thundermother; they have been invited to podcasts
between Boston and Los Angeles, Egypt and Portugal and - especially when you

consider that the band has organized and pushed everything themselves so far - look
to an already amazingly international fan base.


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The Pinpricks

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